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Extension Hair

Clients provide their own extension hair, so that they can choose color, price, etc.

Must be 100% human hair. I do not work with synthetic hair.

"Braiding hair" is loose hair, not on a weft or clip, which is usually cheaper, and ideal to make extensions with. However if you can only find it on a weft, I can certainly cut it off the weft and use it.

I prefer "wet and wavy" hair. This is a type of hair, not a brand. The texture comes wavy in the package, and then when it gets wet, waves up more, so it is ideal for keeping the dread tighter after it is washed. Some of the brands include Beverly Johnson and Outré. I can work with most hair types though, if you cannot find this type.

Just remember, the better quality the hair, the silkier and smoother and more expensive it will be, and we do NOT need this for dreads. The rougher in texture it is, the easier it will stay tangled.

You can find the extension hair in shops or online. Most of the hair I have bought myself, I found on eBay.

Pay attention to how much hair is in a package, or the weight of the package. Packages of braiding hair or hair on a weft usually come pretty standard, but if you buy a package of clip-ins, typically there will be MUCH less hair in a package and it will still be more expensive.

Typically 1-2 packages of hair is enough for a full head, but it will depend on the size/thickness of dreads, how much hair you have, and how long you want them.

The length of the extension hair will have nothing to do with how long the dread will be, so any length is fine as long as it’s at least 10 inches. The longer the extension hair, the more expensive.