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Introduction to Dreadlocks

Are you considering dreadlocks? You’ve come to the right place! It isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Make sure you know what you’re getting into, and what dreadlocks mean to you.

Dreadlocks have been worn for various reasons in all different cultures- sometimes as an expression of religious or spiritual beliefs, ethnic pride, political statements, or simply a fashion preference. Traditionally, it was believed that in order to create dreadlocks, you had to refrain from brushing, combing or cutting. This method, known as the “neglect method,” creates “freeform” dreadlocks that can vary in size and shape. It is important to know that “salon methods” still rely on the hair naturally matting over a period of time to form dreadlocks. The difference is in the initial technique when the “brushable” hair is encouraged to form an immature set of dreadlocks, but they still need time and attention in order to grow, lock, and mature.

Dreadlocks are very time-consuming and tedious to do, so it is not a cheap/quick service. However, it will be worth it- if not done correctly, dreads can go horribly wrong, and can be difficult to fix. We can help you begin your dreadlock journey the right way, teach you everything you need to know, and be here to help you work on them as they grow into beautiful, unique dreadlocks. Please take the time to click on each of the links under the dreadlocks tab, and read through the basic information that you should have knowledge of before making this commitment!