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"My dread journey started way before I had them. It began when I was in the military. Slicking my hair back every day, to make a smooth, beautiful bun. Every night I would get home, take out my hair and look at the beautiful locs that created themselves throughout the day. Each morning I would think, "Man, I wish I could just let my hair do what it wanted!"

When I left the military, I decided to do just that. I let the universe take control and do whatever it wanted to do. My hair tangled, twisted and knotted. I didn't care, because I was free. My hair was free. No headaches and no shedding. No combing, brushing or triple conditioning.

I created my dreads with the twist and rip method and my dreads grew into beautiful locs, each one with its own personality. I ended up only doing half of my hair, so that I could still manage a normal ponytail and still go with society.

When I met Liz, she had her work cut out for her. My dreads were a mess. They were uneven, like my life had been, and tangled together just like my feelings about my life were. She fixed my originals and created some new ones. I now had 3/4 of my head dreaded - 59 beautiful, red locs. Over the winter I added human hair extensions so that I could give my locs some weight, in order for them to straighten out a bit.

After so many ahhhhhmazing talks with Liz at the salon, I slowly realized that I was still holding on to the programmed life that I lived for 10 years. I needed to just let go of all inhibitions and embrace ME! We added 32 dread babies, totaling 91! My entire head is dreaded, and I couldn't be happier. It is somewhat easy to maintain these bad boys, but to be honest, I don't want to. I don't want to do it myself, because then I wouldn't get my time with Liz; my cloud jumper, my therapist, my dread maintainer, my color guru, and most importantly, my friend."

- Red Allen

"Let me tell you my little story about my dreads… I’ve had dreads three times in my life- the 1st time, I had my hair dreaded with extensions. The experience was not pleasant at all. My head was always sore and the extensions where not applied properly and later created issues. The 2nd time that I attempted dreads, I had my hair dreaded without the extensions, and again they just were not what I was hoping for- always pulling and dreading into one another. I got frustrated and cut all my hair off into my notorious fauxhawk! :)

Years later, I decided I wanted to attempt to have dreads again only this time I did my research and sought out a professional to tackle my head. This is when my fiancée found Liz Kidder, the dread goddess.

I messaged her on Facebook, asking her a bunch of annoying questions and probably driving her nuts. I know this feeling all too well, having clients send messages and asking a million questions… But she answered every one that I asked and did the best she could explaining the process to me. I also read her website- the information she provided was so detailed and helped me immensely. We set up a time for me to go in for a consultation so she could check out my hair. I had been growing out just for this- it was about shoulder length with tons of layers. Liz was very professional, yet down to earth and had the sweetest personality. I knew I was in good hands!!!!

We talked about the dread extension process and before I knew it I was online looking for my hair, so that Liz could make the dread extensions for my appointment, which was only about four weeks away, SO EXCITING!! My hair came in and I brought it in for Liz so that she could work her magic.

The day came for my appointment to start my transformation. We started on the top of my head and did as much as Liz could in one day- six or so hours. (She is the dread goddess, remember?) I left with a bandana on my head which was no big deal, I wear them all the time. Two days later she was working her magic again for another five hours. TADAAAAA! I had a full head of dreads/extensions. I was so excited and pleased with her work ethic, professionalism and her amazing personality.

Now, six months later, I see Liz about once a month for dread maintenance where she tightens and rolls them to keep them gorgeous. I have referred clients to her and will never send anyone anywhere else. That is my story! While I am writing this I need to take a minute to say congratulations to Liz for opening up her own studio. YOU’RE THE BEST!!!"

- Jamie Traversy
Owner & Artist // Splatter Palette Tattoo & Art Studio

"I have had 2 sets of dreadlocks over the last 6 years, this current set is 4.5 years old. I used the backcomb method to get them started and palm rolled at the roots here and there to tighten them as they grew. I became frustrated with loose hairs when I had a special occasion or interview and tried a few different places for maintenance. Luckily, I found Liz and she has by far exceeded my previous experiences. Not only is she timely, but her work is exceptional and long lasting. Her pricing is extremely fair, she provides a professional, laid back atmosphere and is easy to talk to. I am so excited to have finally found a knowledgeable, creative, and talented artist to help keep my dreads healthy and neat! Thanks Liz!"

- Laura Petrigno

"As a successful hairstylist for over fifteen years, giving people looks they felt good wearing, I had never once felt that way about my own hair. I met Liz about a year ago for a consultation to dread my hair after unsuccessfully trying every other style, treatment, and cut possible. I had always loved the look of dreadlocks and as soon as I met Liz I knew my dread journey had begun. We did dreadlocks on my natural hair, and added dread extensions to make them much longer. To this day, I've never felt more comfortable with my hair, in my own skin, and with myself, as I do now."

- Megan Vitale

"My dreadlock journey began almost a year ago. For as long as I can remember, I had always LOVED the way dreadlocks looked. There was just something so intriguing about them and they looked so beautiful to me. I had always wanted them on myself, but I wasn’t sure if they would look good on me or if I would like them. I had always told people that I wanted to get them, and most people laughed. Even my parents thought “why would our daughter do this to her beautiful hair?” Well, I was never big into styling my hair, and I had always had this idea that if I had dreads, I would be more into my hair and be more apt to wear it down. So, I decided to find out where I could start this process. Luckily enough, one day I was at breakfast with a friend and she was talking about where she got her hair done. She said “Oh my gosh, Margo, you would LOVE her. She has bleach blonde dreads and I absolutely love what she does to my hair. She’s right in Amesbury." This was it! I was totally exited to have found someone who was close and recommended by someone I know. I contacted Liz and decided to come in to have a few dreads created at the back of my head. I was so excited, but after a little while, I just felt like they weren’t working. They were hard to maintain while the rest of my hair was still in its natural state, so I ended up just chopping them out and being left with some really short hairs back there. After this first attempt, I kind of stopped thinking about them. I’m not sure why or when I decided to look back into it, but it must have been about two years later when I started really thinking about it again. I figured this time that I had to just go for it and do my whole head. That’s the only way to really see what they’re like and if I will like them or not. I contacted Liz and set up an appointment. The day finally came, and l was so excited. I had my whole head done at once, which probably took about 7 hours (and let me just say, Liz was a trooper because that is A LOT of work to do in one sitting, and she totally held it together). Now, when they were finally finished, they were tight and really well done, but they stuck out! But hey, I think that’s part of the process. I think it also had to do with the length of my hair before getting dreads. It was a little below my shoulders, and when you dread hair, you lose length, so it definitely looked a little funky for a while! But, on the other hand, my hair was long enough to still put into a pony tail, which really helped me get used to them and to tame them a little bit during the first few months. As they matured, they definitely settled down a little bit. After a few months or so, I still thought that my hair was too short. I asked Liz about extensions and she was wicked helpful with telling me where I could find what I was looking for. She pointed me in the direction of Etsy, and I found a great set that she said she could install when they came in. In the meantime, I was still feeling antsy about my dreads being a little short, so I asked Liz if she would be able to make some extensions for me. She said yes, and pointed me in the direction to find hair that would work well for making extensions. This came in before my etsy extensions, and Liz made some awesome extensions to put in before the others came in. This is another great thing about Liz! She is totally willing to spend extra time to really help her clients. She went out of her way to make some extensions on her own time, which was more than wonderful. When my etsy extensions finally came in, I was ecstatic! I booked an appointment with Liz (which, by the way, is a breeze!) and the day rolled around, and my dreads were almost all the same length. After having all of my extensions put in, which took a few sessions, I was so beyond excited. After a few weeks, however, a few of my extensions started falling out! I definitely freaked out and of course messaged Liz to ask for help! She had me come in and she suggested a few things to me: the most important was to actually do less work with them. I was really nervous about this because I had been crochet hooking them frequently and was afraid that by not doing that, they would loosen. But obviously, Liz has WAY more experience than I do, so I stopped basically doing anything with my dreads. After that, no more had fallen out! Liz was right, well, duh! Why wouldn’t she be!?

That’s about all there is to my journey so far, and I am actually coming up on my one year anniversary with my dreads! I am truly so glad that I did this…it’s something I had wanted to do for a while, and it was definitely one of those things that I just had to go for. I think that for anyone who is thinking about it and can honestly say they have been for more than a year, you should go for it! If this is more of a recent thing, ask Liz, for sure. She can tell you all that you need to know, but definitely don’t just do it unless this has been a serious thought. It is a lot of work, especially on Liz’s end, to dread someone’s whole head, and it would be just as annoying for both of you if you decided you didn’t want them after a week!

But, honestly, I would really recommend Liz to anyone. She is totally patient with her clients, and is willing to really go above and beyond for her clients in so many ways. She 100% listens to what you want before doing anything to your hair, and she wants to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into. Booking appointments with Liz is a breeze, and she is great at gauging how much time you will need for whatever it is that you need done. I could not be more pleased with my decision and with my wonderful hairstylist!"

- Margo Fijux

"Liz was a fantastic resource right from the beginning. Even before meeting with her, Liz's website was informational and helped me make the decision to dread! What is even greater is that I color my dreads and Liz helped with every color shift I decided to make with my hair - which is a challenging task. Liz taught me how to do upkeep myself, but she also tightens up my locks with her magic when I make an appointment. The whole experience has been educational, and I really feel like I have a professional in my corner to help me with my "non-traditional" hair style. Finding a stylist who can do the things Liz can do is a real challenge and I feel lucky to have found her. Liz made me feel totally at ease with every decision I have made with my non-traditional, crazy, pink dreads. In addition she has helped me put in fun accessories when I have special events! Also, I feel like she is a friend now, and that is another added bonus. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

- Jennifer Howell

"My girlfriend is Liz Kidder, so it’s actually surprising that we were together for more than three years before I got roped into doing dreads. We’ve done all kinds of hair styles before this, so it was kind of all there was left to do. I had been growing out a Mohawk for a while, so my hair was pretty long on top- like 3-4 inches. My hair is really curly and textured so Liz thought it would be pretty easy to dread with extensions. She spent about a week making them and then it took her about five hours to put them in. I didn’t really like the hair pulling, but we got through it. We just did the top, and shaved the sides/back. It looks pretty crazy and different, but so far I’m liking them."

- Luke Gaudreau

"To say that I took a huge leap off a big bridge would be minimizing the situation. I have always wanted dreads and, finally, at the age of 33 I went for it. I am a teacher, after all, and one with numerous tattoos as well… Working on your Ph. D. and having a teaching and administrative certification and a number of courses and degrees to complement each is, honestly, in direct contrast to what a teacher "should look like". I have never fit the "mold", I’m certain that my middle name should be changed from Elaine to Oxymoron, and being held to the standard of a “teacher”, being under that microscope, was always very daunting… Alas, I succumbed to the idea that I had to be ME and follow my OWN path… A friend put my dreads in: she was not a professional but she was all I had… they came out good but needed work.

One VERY, VERY late night last spring I was searching for extensions to add to my head of dreads. I quickly realized that I had NO IDEA how I would put them in my hair and I definitely did not want clip-ins… so to Google I went! “Dread hair stylist in NH”… and there she was! Liz Kidder! I immediately emailed her with endless ideas of where this new connection would take me. Needless to say— she has met and surpassed my expectations, and that’s an understatement. She responded to my email and we have never looked back.

My hair... it was a disaster. I was embarrassed to walk in. As soon as the door opened I heard,

"You must be Heather!" Liz made me feel right at home. She talked about our options and our plan of attack (quite literally)… Our first meeting was on a Monday and she made time for me to come back that Friday… I was appreciative— like I said, my hair had taken on a life of its own!! Friday afternoon I left with a huge smile. We plugged through a half a day of maintenance and even had time to add some thread to a few of my dreads :)

That appointment has led to numerous discussions over text and Facebook. Ordering and shipping extensions… talking over ideas and Liz giving me advice on what to do and not to do. The time that she has taken on her “down time” out of work has been invaluable. She is not only a true professional but a loving, caring human as well. One of my favorites as a matter of fact :) Her love of life and the way that she carries herself in and out of work is impressive. It makes others wants to be better and it shows in her numbers “likes” on Instagram and her growing fiends list on Facebook. She has a talent that, I’m sure, many envy. Talking about her plans for the future made me very excited! Stepping out on her own will, without a doubt, be incredibly successful. I don’t think Liz does anything halfway, then again, I’ve only known her for less than a year ;)

My extension hair is IN and the next step of this journey begins now. I have always wanted dreads… ever since I was very young… but I never had a clue what an awesome friend I would find in the process."

- Heather Jardine

"I had wanted dreadlocks for a while, but was hesitant because of my job as a public school teacher. After a year of looking and envying others’ dreads, I decided that I wanted to pursue my dream of having dreadlocks installed. I went online and found Liz Kidder. I immediately contacted her and setup a consultation. Liz was very thorough and understanding about my concerns of being teacher and having dreadlocks, so we came up with a plan of installing only a half-set (which three months later became a full set since I loved them so much) Liz also created 47 custom dreadlock extensions for me since I wanted to keep my current hair length. Liz was professional and detail oriented in preparing me for my installation. After discussing the details and answering all of my questions and concerns, she guided me to her informational page to make sure I knew what to expect for the preparation, installation, and maintenance of my dreadlocks. Liz is knowledgeable about dreadlocks and I couldn’t have done my installation without her. Dreadlocks take a lot of time to put in, but working with Liz makes the time fly by. She is easy to talk to, and is always making sure the customer is comfortable. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. She listened to exactly what I wanted, and executed my vision perfectly."

- Shana Lentini

"I contacted Liz through Facebook to inquire about starting dreadlocks on my hair, and she was quick to respond in a professional and thorough manner. We had a brief consult to chat about the process and check the length of my hair, and decided that a few more months of growth would give me the length that I was hoping to start with. I had dreadlocks started by a friend years before, had to use lots of beeswax, and felt like they never really locked. My head was a musty mess! Liz's method started my hair off locked, with no need for any products, just a need for time and patience to get more skilled in the art of tightening up my dreads with a teeny crochet hook. Because my hair is so thick, and I'm a busy farmer mama, we decided to make regular appointments over a couple of months to do a handful of dreads at a time. This was great for me, as it allowed me to get used to having and maintaining just a few dreads again, rather than going for the whole head being done at one time. Liz has an easy-going personality, so our sessions were filled with conversation and laughs, which made the whole process more enjoyable. I have followed up for a couple of maintenance sessions, and cannot be happier with the results so far. I receive compliments on my hair regularly, and recommend her to everyone I can."

- Devan Ferreira

"I started dreading my hair on my own a few years back by getting it braided and having it lock naturally. After a few months of crocheting it myself, I grew tired of doing so. Around that time I got Liz's contact info through a friend. I looked her up and found that she herself has dreads so I figured she knows her stuff. I booked my first appointment with Liz for some maintenance and everything came out great. She's really nice and definitely knows what she's doing. Since my first appointment with her I've gone back several times and refer many clients to her. I encourage all who are thinking about dreading their hair or adding dread extensions to see her!"

- Anthony Monaco

"I've had my dreads for around 3.5 years now and they are mature and rapidly growing. I'm super lazy with my dread maintenance (to be honest, I don't maintain them at all), and Liz saves me every time. She works insanely fast, and my dreads look perfect and feel amazing every time I see her. Typically my roots grow out and become super tangled all over my scalp, and Liz is always able to separate the mess and tuck everything back into place, with very little pain involved. I've tried several other local dread maintenance people that I've found online, and do not recommend any of them. They all work really slow to milk their hourly wage, or you're sitting on a coffee table in their living room, or you feel like they're taking a chainsaw to your scalp. This is definitely not the case with Liz. She is extremely professional, lovely to chat with during your service, and her salon is clean, comfortable, and absolutely worth the drive. I will never go anywhere else to get this mop taken care of."

- Kimmy Lavoie