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Dreadlock Extensions

Your natural hair must be 3+ inches in length to attach dread extensions, depending on hair texture. Hair must be already in dreadlocks, or dreadlocks can be created on your natural hair at the same time as installing the extensions.

Extensions are permanent and attached with a crochet hook, by tangling the dread extension hair into your hair/dread. These are not braided in, sewn in, glued in, or able to come out (easily). The purpose of them is to make your dreads longer. When you dread your natural hair, it may shrink up about half of the length that you started with, so the dread extensions can keep your length or provide more length. These are not a temporary way to try dreadlocks, such as synthetic or wool extension options.

Dreadlock extensions are custom-made for your hair prior to the installation appointment. This takes time, so do not expect to get an appointment the next day after your consultation. We carry standard hair colors of 100% human extension hair to use for making dreads. We will match your hair color when you come in for your appointment, but we may need to order or create custom colors.

Service time. Depending on your hair and what you want, it could take a few full days in the salon to finish your entire head of dreadlock extensions. Set up your appointments and plan accordingly. You may be walking around with a partial head of dreads between appointments, so decide if this is something you can deal with and where you would like to place your dreads as you get them done for each appointment.

Maintenance/washing will be the same as natural dreadlocks, as this is still human hair. See our dreadlock maintenance information.

Removal. The dreadlock extensions are “permanently” dreaded in with your hair, so it’s not a temporary style that you take in/out. When your natural dreadlocks grow long enough that you want to get rid of the extensions, you will cut the extension off below where your natural hair ends, comb out the bottom of the dread and the rest of the extension hair should fall out. Then you will need to re-close the ends of your natural dreads. You could book a maintenance appointment to help you through this process.